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A good cook can cook everything. Of course, every chef has his specialties, but basically he can conjure you for your wedding, if that’s your favorite dish.Talk to the caterer if you have a particular culture at your wedding (e.g. if you want to avoid pork or if certain dishes are traditionally included), then he can certainly fulfill your wishes.

There are cooks who cook everything fresh locally; there are cooks who prefer to cook in their usual environment. Decide yourself for one or the other solution. No one is better or worse than the other. The use of the good corporate catering services is very important.

Again, the human factor applies.

There are caterers who are great masters of their craft, but who are not team players. An on-site chef for events must be stress-resistant, because at an event rarely everything goes according to plan, time delays are the order of the day and the existing kitchen equipment is not always the dream of a cook, sometimes one or the other court fails. Can the chef handle stress? Does it make sense for the bridal couple to get a good meal if you are nervous during the wedding because the caterer is nervous? Choose the caterer for the quality of the food and for the quality of the prepared meals and not for the number of different dishes. Less choice is sometimes more. Of course the amount has to be calculated that there is enough of everything and even something is left over. After all, guests should not go home hungry.

Again, the cheapest is not always the best!

The time has come, the company anniversary, the wedding, silver weddingand the round birthday, the Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration is on and must be organized. Also the meeting in a small and large frame needs the right organization. Starting with save-the-date news, invitations and seating arrangements to room finding and decoration, there is a lot to consider. In addition there is the varied catering offer with all associated services and services.

Whether menu, buffet or finger food is quickly decided, but what about table decorations, invitations, dishes and service?

Keeping an overview here can quickly become a challenge. It’s good that this is our daily bread, that’s why we support you with professional advice and professional action! We will show you how to find your individual catering offer tailored to your budget in the Berlin jungle of catering providers. As a little help, we have put together a checklist so that you can fully concentrate on your role as host!


The festival season has started again! How do you prevent and insure your damage at festivals? We give you handy tips for a carefree festival visit.

Just a few names of crowded festivals

We also regularly flock to the border for a long weekend on a festival site. We Dutch people love festivals. Really cozy, but without proper preparation, a nasty damage can give a festival a bad taste. Do you have a wedding in Cornwall? Then try a wedding photographer in Cornwall.

This way you can enjoy carefree festivals:

Tip 1: Well insured

Regularly a weekend on the road? With continuous travel insurance you can, whenever you want, carelessly set off. morans restaurant

Tip 2: Buy your tickets at regular ticket sales

Nowadays there is a flourishing trade in dubious cards online. Not only do you usually pay a much too high price for a ticket, the tickets that are ordered often turn out to be false.

Tip 3: Provide good coverage

An accident is in a small corner … someone jumps against you while you are just making that fantastic picture. Your mobile is falling and there is a big crack in your screen. The use of this interactive festival a lot of new social bondigs are created.

Check in advance how you are insured. Is damage caused by dropping or impacting your mobile outdoors? At the right company you can opt for the cover of mobile electronics in your home insurance to cover such damage outdoors.

Tip 4: Use a cover

Even if you have an insurance policy, it is very annoying if you drop your mobile phone. Therefore, wear a protective case around your phone. It costs you little effort and your mobile is immediately less vulnerable to damage.

Tip 5: Keep it dry

Is it a multi-day festival and do you keep camping? Provide a good groundsheet for your tent and check your pegs before leaving. No more groundsheet? Ask the supermarket for a cardboard press bag. Often free to bring and ideal as a ground sheet! Not a tent yourself, or no desire to carry? Then a rental tent on location can be the solution!

Tip 6: Do not leave anything

Take your valuables with you from the tent. For thieves, nothing is as easy as emptying your tent on an abandoned festival site, while you’re partying at the main act a few hundred meters away.

Tip 7: Travel light

Leave as many pass and keys at home as possible. What you do not have with you, you cannot lose either!

Tip 8: Drink enough

Take good care of yourself: put a poncho in your bag and drink plenty of water. Of course it is not convenient to just have to go to the toilet when you are at a performance, so you would prefer to drink water. Result: due to the lack of moisture you fall faintly into the crowd. Do not do so!
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