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Let’s take a group of people who are planning to rearrange the apartment and ask them what they will do. Eight out of ten will surely say they will go pick the tiles. It’s just that way, and from where the fascination and passion to the tiles, we really do not know. But we will not play psychologists, but just because of that fascination with the tiles, our guide starts with this theme. To begin with, the ceramic tiles are divided into both internal and external, or glazed and non-glazed slabs.

The Proper Tiles

Inner tiles are only allowed in the interior and the outside can be in the interior and exterior. There is a difference in their resistance to freezing, anti-slip, wear and water absorption, therefore, only tiles that meet the basic properties of freeze and glide resistance can be placed in the exterior. Since the stoneware tiles are mostly non-glazed and are generally harder and more resistant to mechanical damage, more likely to be placed in the exterior. The glazed tiles are more often placed on the interior, covered with a shiny or mat, but this does not mean that the interior does not set the stoneware. For the good outdoor decking company in Singapore this is important.

However, before you go to the shop to buy new tiles, you should pay attention to the following tags, which you will most probably be warned by a quality trader. Therefore check: frost resistance, percentage of water absorption – outdoor ceramics must have as low a percentage as possible, the thickness of the tiles (8-9 mm on average, larger tiles sizes – up to 14 mm thick, very thin thicknesses of just 3 mm) , the hardness of the tile on a scale from 1 to 10 (all above 5 for the floor tiles is good) and still check the slip resistance which should be R13 for the outer prostrations.

Every room with a comfortable bed works more neatly, but we believe that guests will not go to your room, so you do not have to spend much time there.

Toys in boxes

If you have kids and toys all over your house or apartment, simply take the biggest box you find and wring all the toys inside.

Dirty dishes in a washer or oven

If you did not wash the dishes, and now you do not have to pour the dishes in the washing machine for that time and turn it on, if you do not have to hide dirty dishes is another variant. What does not fit in the oven, put it in the fridge. The good home cleaning services are the best deal.


Now you have to go over the floor with the vacuum cleaner to pick up dust, hair and crumbs from the floor to create a feel of a clean home. Turn on a fragrant candle, let go of light music, and prepare wine, juices and glasses.

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